January Overruled! Update – Apparently, too much to fit in to this title!

Hi there everyone!

We’re a fair few days in to 2015 now, so you’ve probably finished any new games you got for Christmas and have broken more resolutions than my broken monitor.

So, we’ve decided this is the perfect time to throw out another Overruled! update, and this one has got a lot of cool new stuff in to it. This time, in four different categories – New cards, Single Player updates, a new Multiplayer map and some extra playlists. So, without any more introduction.


New Cards

We’re pushing out two new cards in this update – Lend a Hand and Super Overrule!

You know how often you’ll find yourself in a position where you’re looking at someone elses deck of cards and wishing you had them? Well… Lend a Hand can make that a reality! Playing Lend a Hand effectively gets every player to swap decks. So if you’re sitting there with a points worth one and a disable ranged, and you really want those three double points cards someone else has – play Lend a Hand and see what happens!

Super Overrule is just like an Overrule card, except… Super! Rather than just cancelling out somebody elses card, you can actually take it for yourself! So if they try to disable melee when you’re on fire, you can overrule it, steal that card, set them on fire then disable melee! Evil.


Single Player

Two new single player characters now have their full set of challenges available! Were Wanda and Anti Hero now have 6 challenges each, so that’s more scores for you to beat. Anti Hero probably has a slightly harder set of challenges than Were Wanda, so get ready to test yourself.



The observant amongst you would have noticed that Anti Hero has his challenges now, but no multiplayer level… well, that’s why we’re releasing his multiplayer level now! Take it to the streets in a true alleyway brawl, and enjoy the new level we’ve got  out for you.


We’ve been playing a lot with the new playlist system, and had some great games with a lot of you using them. Assassins has been one of the most popular, so we’ve got a new version of that – Crazy Assassins! It’s assassins as you know and love it, but a lot crazier – ranged cooldown is set to 1, respawn is set to 1 and of course, health is still set to 1.

To go along with that, we’ve got a new playlist altogether – something we’re calling “What The ?!?”. If you thought assassins was frantic, wait til you play this. It’s classic overruled… but the game types change every 5 seconds! It gets fast, furious and hectic, and we absolutely love it.


That’s it for this update then guys – let us know what you think, Steam forums are always open for feedback. We’ll see you in game and on the forums!


And So It Starts….

Hey Guys,

I hope I find everyone in good health and high spirits. So it’s the new year, I’m not here to tell you about all the new years resolutions of Dlala or to tell you that we’re going to try to make this year better than the last. I’m here to tell you that we are already working and making this new year the best for Dlala. I have a big problem with things like new years resolution, you shouldn’t need an arbitrary (guaranteed) turning of the year to make you want to be better, to make you want to be the best you can be. It always reminds me of a great quote I read about ‘dreams’:

“Dreams do not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”

I’m not trying to be a spoil spoilt and I think dreams have their place but personally just make sure you transform dreams into goals and then those goals into targets and then those targets into accomplishments.

Now for the first news of the new year…we have officially hired our 6th team member! I would like to give a big Dlala welcome to Mr Grant Allen. Grant is joining us as our 2D artist, you might recognise the name and that is because Grant has been working with us as a regular collaborator since we started. He has worked on our 2 released titles (Janksy and Overruled!) and he even worked on the very first prototype we built and didn’t release (Yes! We Have Bananas). We all love Grant and we are very lucky that the studio has got itself into a position where it can afford to bring on another full time member. This also means we finally have an in-house artist!! WOO.


In terms of what is going on in the studio at the moment. We’re finishing up Overruled! on XB1 and PS4, we’ve been doing a little bit of outsourcing work to bring in some income, started pitching around the next game idea to potential partners  and we’ve been looking at moving into the first real Dlala office. This is all incredibly exciting for us and we look forward to taking you guys with us on the journey.

We’re hoping to start doing more regular video blogs, and those of you that know Grant will know he will no doubt feature WAY TOO MUCH in them.

Thanks guys and Happy New Year


NEW UPDATE! New campaign, leaderboards, new card and more achievements!

Hey Guys,

We’ve got another big update for you all, and it sure is a good one! It’s any wonder we’ve managed to get anything else done these last couple of weeks, we’ve been spending way too much time playing with the new stuff. But, we’ve had our fun, gotten really good at it and decided to share it with everyone else.

Update your Overruled! on Steam now, and you’ll have access to…

A new single player campaign! A new change ‘em up card! Single player leaderboards! More achievements!

Want to know more? Read on…


Sasol’s Pillage – The newest single player campaign

So, we’re hoping you’ve gotten pretty good at all the other campaigns by now, so we decided it was time to build another one and put it out there for you.

Our loveable piratey scamp Sasol has got six new campaign levels for you to push to the limit, with new challenges waiting for you. Some of these levels are deceptively difficult, so maxing out your score should keep you going for a while. Set in the beautiful and bountiful Satsuki Bay, you’ll need to use all your wits to pillage as many points as you can and fill your pockets with gold-trophies a’ plenty. Yarr!

New Change ‘em up card – Helpful

We figured that seeing as you were getting a new campaign, what about throwing a new card in to the mix? You’ll see the helpful card in the single player campaign, so you can learn to use it in there before jumping in to multiplayer and using it against your enemies.

Tired of seeing somebody else holding on to the exact card you what? Well, not any more with helpful! Play the helpful card and watch as it picks a random player and plays their card as well! Let’s say you’re holding on to the swag bag. For some reason, player two just won’t double the points. Well… now you can make them! Play helpful, double the points and laugh all the way to the winning line.

We’re absolutely loving the helpful card at Dlala, and it has certainly caused many an argument amongst us. We hope you find it… helpful!

Single Player leaderboards!

We keep hearing how good you guys are at the single player game, with most of you claiming scores that I’m not even sure are possible. So, we decided to put you all to the test, and now we’ve got official in-game leaderboards to let you prove it!

You’ll be battling it out on each level to see who has the highest score, and there’s an overall leaderboard for each campaign total. So, think you’re the best at Judge’s Justice level 5? Time to prove it! Don’t think anybody will top your total Indie campaign score? Show us – and everybody else – on the leaderboards!

You’ll be able to filter the leaderboards to show just your friends, to find out who’s really the best amongst you. Or, if you want to take it even further, why not check where you sit globally? That’s right – are you the best in the world? Time to find out!

Single player achievements!

So you’re super proud of all the gold trophies you’ve got in single player. We know, we know, we’re proud of you, too. And to prove it… have some achievements for it! If you manage to get gold on all the levels in a single campaign, then here, have an achievement. You’ve earnt it. So, if you haven’t already, update, jump in game and get your achievements for Indie’s Torment, Sasol’s Pillage, Bunny’s Test, Judge’s Justice and Troll’s Turmoil. They’re all sitting there for you on Steam, ready to unlock now.

So there we have it! Enjoy the update, have fun, and until next time…

See you at the top of the leaderboards!



New features! Invasion and pre-game options

Hey guys!

Dlala here with a quick introduction to our next big update. We’re super excited to release our next update for Overruled!, and this time it comes in the form of a new feature – pre game options – and a new game type – Invasion.

So, without further ado, let me tell you what they are, how it changes the game and why we love this update so much. First up…


Invasion is the first gametype we’ve released since early access. It’s the perfect balance of attack and defend. If you want to go all out attack, you can. Happy to sit back and claim a little corner of the map as yours? That’s fine too. So… What is invasion?

When invasion ticks around, three neutral bases spawn on the map. If you run and stand in a base, it’ll slowly turn your colour, and you’ll have claimed it after a few seconds. Once it’s yours – and you’ll know when it is – it’ll earn you points every second!

You can claim as many bases as you want – as long as other players let you. If you hold two bases, you’ll get 2 times the current points value. All three bases and you’ll be surging to the lead in no time.

But what makes it so difficult? Well, if any other player happens to stand in your base, it’ll get turned back to neutral… and then they can claim it for themselves. So it’s up to you – grab hold of one base and defend it from every one else? Or go all out offensive and claim as many as you can? Or maybe you’re in the lead already, and you just want to run around annoying everyone else by stopping them from getting bases. It’s up to you.

We love Invasion. We’ve had some awesome situations where everybody is sitting tight, too scared to leave their base… and then a sudden rush of action kicks in as one person dares to try to take another. We’ve had plenty of arguments in this game mode… but we’re starting to get used to that.



Anti Hero and Indie battling it out for bases.


Pre game options

Pre game options is a big addition to the game that can completely change how it feels. You’ll notice when you go in to a lobby, there’s a new menu option.

In short, before a game starts, you’ve now got a whole bunch of options as what the game is that you’re going to be playing. These options include things like what game types are included, how long a game type is, what cards you’ll get, how much health you’ve got… and it makes each game feel completely different. The host can set this before you start playing.

We’ve put in a bunch of different presets for you to check out already. We started testing this, and played them to death – we’ve definitely all got our favourites.

Assassins is one I keep going back to. An entire 5 minute game of headhunter, with one hit kills. The game type never ticks over, either – so any skulls you earn, you’ll keep til you die. Or how about 2 minutes of Smash n Grab where the coins respawn themselves every 5 seconds? We’ve got presets that just focus on land grab – so, invasion and king of the hill – and some where the points get so high, you wont know what hit you. And, of course, there’s always default for when you feel like going back to classic Overruled!.

Pre Game Options

Accumulator – One of the new presets.



Pre game options

Assassins – one of the new presets.

We absolutely love the new pre game options. It’s amazing how different the game can feel just by tweaking some of the options before you go in to a game – and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it to. So jump in, play the ones we’ve got, change the rules for yourself and enjoy the update!


Last Minute Conference + More Soon

Hey Guys,

I know we’ve been absolutely lame at doing updates recently but we’ve been hitting it hard to get Overruled! the best it could possibly be and to be honest it’s all thanks to you guys. You’ve allowed us to take a game we love and make it ten times better.

We will be coming out with a new update and a new dev blog very very soon.

In the mean time I’ll (Aj) be talking at the Student & Indie Conference at Staffordshire University next week (October 22nd) so look forward to seeing everyone who is there.



The Big Fix Before The Big Content Update

Hey Guys,

So those of you that follow our social media sites may have seen us talking about the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. For those that didn’t, we’ve basically been trying to make the game better. Not just reduce the bug count but genuinely take on feedback we’ve had for ways the game can be improved. This has ranged from run speed, to jump height and more. So we’ve split this massive update into 2. This week is the “Big Fix” this contains a load of bug fixes, game tweaks and small features. The next update will come with more cards, more game modes, more single player content and more multiplayer maps and it is coming soon (probably next week). So for now here is the changelog for today’s update:


FEATURE: D-Pad Now Supported
FEATURE: Support for Azerty keyboards
FEATURE: Sessional win tally in lobbies
FEATURE: New loading screens with hints and tips
FEATURE: Kill/Death Spread After Each Match
FEATURE: Game types now shown on SP level select when level is highlighted
FEATURE: New loading screen /w character info
FEATURE: Hints and Tips on loading screen
FEATURE: Campaign guide at start of each SP level
FEATURE: Ability to return to level select from SP levels
FEATURE: Can now cycle through player indicators to show steam names


TWEAK: New run speed
TWEAK: Tweaks to jump speed/height
TWEAK: Players can’t jump as high when holding swagbag
TWEAK: Melee attacks do more damage
TWEAK: Bigger knockbacks on attack
TWEAK: New effects on combat
TWEAK: Hitting head on platform causes player to fall down
TWEAK: Reduced time on the menu tweens
TWEAK: Sounds now played when hill moves in KOTH
TWEAK: Sounds now played when player enters hill in KOTH
TWEAK: Headhunter suicides now award last living opponent who hit player the kill
TWEAK: Unlocking animation added to SP level select
TWEAK: Extra team up card added to default deck
TWEAK: Points now grow faster and bigger on HUD when obtained
TWEAK: Character animation overhaul to make animations smoother
TWEAK: Removed ability to parry 3rd (Strong) hit in combo
TWEAK: Smoothed combat animations
TWEAK: Can now hear only 1 SFX when collecting race flag
TWEAK: Player can no longer hold 3 overrule cards at once
TWEAK: Audio played when switching between characters in SP character select
TWEAK: Players now fall after hitting head on solid platform
TWEAK: Players can no longer fill hand with Overrule cards
TWEAK: General lighting tweaks to levels and projectiles
TWEAK: New impact effects for combat
TWEAK: Crappy looking corkboard graphic removed


FIX: [GENERAL] All screens tween off/on
FIX: [GENERAL] Gametype timers now working correctly
FIX: [GENERAL] In-game pause screen brightness now consistent
FIX: [GENERAL] Improved pre-game loading
FIX: [GENERAL] Improved loading on mac
FIX: [GENERAL] Various fixes to disconnecting a controller
FIX: [GENERAL] Game now loads without internet connection
FIX: [GENERAL] Fixes to images in credits screen
FIX: [GENERAL] Small fix to shadow rendering on character select
FIX: [GENERAL] Mode lock card no longer travels to center of screen in edge cases
FIX: [GENERAL] VO no loner plays after settings menu closed
FIX: [GENERAL] Random SFX no longer plays at start of level
FIX: [GENERAL] Infinite swagbags no longer possible by playing swagbag card when no-one is holding the bag
FIX: [GENERAL] Big hand animation bug no longer appears
FIX: [GENERAL] Dlala logo now appears on mac
FIX: [GENERAL] Overlapping buttons on settings save prompt are gone
FIX: [GENERAL] Player now drops swagbag if killed by environmental death boxes
FIX: [GENERAL] Player no longer shown at spawn point just after death
FIX: [GENERAL] Missing font references fixed
FIX: [GENERAL] Suicides count towards death counts
FIX: [GENERAL] All MP only achievements have that in Steam description
FIX: [MULTIPLAYER] Player no longer able to play on their own by removing controller
FIX: [MULTIPLAYER] Buttons no longer appear through boxes on character select
FIX: [MULTIPLAYER] Fix to certain audio not getting paused when online
FIX: [MULTIPLAYER] No lobby found message will no longer appear in map select
FIX: [MULTIPLAYER] Inactive player message no longer carries over to Map Select
FIX: [MULTIPLAYER] Time out on connecting now longer hangs
FIX: [MULTIPLAYER] Will no longer see inactive message if readied up
FIX: [SINGLE PLAYER] Troll’s Turmoil V now displays correct score card
FIX: [SINGLE PLAYER] Various characters no longer clip boxes
FIX: [SINGLE PLAYER] “NEW HIGH SCORE” now localised into all languages
FIX: [SINGLE PLAYER] Missing collision from Troll Turmoil IV
FIX: [SINGLE PLAYER] Collision blocking platform Troll Turmoil I


Let us know what you think of the new update,





THEY SEE ME TROLLING – Update 3 Released

Hey Guys,

So the new “THEY SEE ME TROLLING” pack has been released today. It contains:


  • New character – Motherlover
  • New multiplayer map – Mum’s Bridge
  • New single player campaign – Troll’s Turmoil
  • 18 multiplayer Steam achievements now live


  • High scores now shown on single player level select screens
  • Level name now displayed on single player results screen


  • Version control issue now resolved and back in game
  • Various geometry fixes to Indie/Judge/Bunny campaign levels

So it’s a more feature than fix heavy update. This isn’t because we think the game is perfect this is just because we have a week of smashing bugs next week, so expect quite a few fixes to be coming in the next two weeks!

Obviously this update is free for everyone with the game!

Thanks guys,