2 Expos Down and Lessons Learned

Hey Guys,

It’s been a mental couple of weeks. To be honest it’s been a pretty mental year for us in general so far, a strange combination of super productive, overwhelming and absolutely shattering.

We are just getting settled off the back of two expos, EGX Rezzed and Update. Both were amazing experiences, we got to see people out there enjoying the game, shouting at each other and just having a god time. On top of that we actually learned a lot about the game itself. People were playing the game in ways we hadn’t anticipated, they were getting confused by things that we had become numb to and they were making requests which were absolutely fantastic. With this in mind we’ve had a slight refocus this week, currently we’re working our asses off to make the combat experience of Overruled a lot more fun and engaging. The combat experience we’ve shown off at the expos has been a bit shallow, sludgy and clunky and the reality is we almost knew that going in but getting the feedback from you guys made it a lot easier for us to make this call.

I’m looking forward to us having combat to a point where we are as happy with it as we were when we nailed movement. One thing we’ve always said is that we had to get movement feeling great. We learned great lessons from Sav and Lee at LIFT in the sense that you have to get your game feeling good when it’s just your character moving around in an empty room. It’s what we call the Mario 64 theory of controls. Mario 64 was a game where you could get lost for hours just running around jumping, because it was fun. If you get your movement system feeling fun then you are doing it right.

So on top of combat we’ve been ramping up the team ready for launch. We’ve got some fantastic new freelance artists helping us out. We’ve got Jamie Krautkremer handling our 3D character art/rigging/animation, Mike Baldock and Gavin Glenn-McDowell handling the games environments. We want to say a massive thank you to these guys for coming on board and helping us out. On top of that a massive thank you the freelancers already on board Grant Allen who set the art style for the game and has concepted up our characters, Sam Thomas who has provided all audio for the game and Steve Huckle who has been functioning as an impromptu Art Director.

We are looking to get the game into Early Access by the end of next month and we are so excited for you guys to get your hands on it properly and start throwing ideas at us.

Thank you all again for your hard work and we can’t wait to see you soon!





Thank You, 8:20 and a Video

Hey Guys,

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this blog post because I’m still completely overwhelmed from the weekend. I thought I would start off and keep it simple Thank You. Thank you to everyone that came to Rezzed, everyone that stopped and played our game. Thank you to everyone that watched games. Thank you to everyone that took badges. Thank you to everyone that wore shirts. Thank you to everyone that drew characters. Thank you to everyone who came back for numerous games. Thank you to everyone that gave us feedback. Thank you to everyone that brought back friends with them. Thank you for speaking to us. Thank you to the press for covering us. Thank you all.

The response was out of this world, we never thought for a second that even a handful of people would react the way that you did and we are all still buzzing.

We had an amazingly constant stream of players. On Sunday (the supposedly quiet day) we had 8 hours 20 minutes of straight games on Overruled 8 HOURS 20 MINUTES that’s over a full work day for a lot of people. We had people coming back. There was an amazing family called the Nairn’s who have really stuck in our memory they spent a large chunk of time (especially Erin) at our stand on Sunday and it meant the world to us.

We’ve had some awesome characters drawn and I can’t wait to share them all with you too!

The feedback we got was priceless. It was nice to know that the time and effort we’ve put into movement and jumping was reflected when people played but it was also very important that a lot of our offensive feedback (ranged cooldown, when you can play change em ups etc…) is not so great at the moment, so we have scheduled a chunk of time to work on that! That hands on experience is something we hadn’t had previously and it’s honestly allowing us to push the boundaries of the game.

We met some great people there from the guys making Gang Beasts (boneloaf http://twitter.com/boneloaf), Light (Just A Pixel http://twitter.com/justapixelgames), Ether One (White Paper Games http://twitter.com/whitepapergames), Prison Architect (IntroVersion http://twitter.com/IVSoftware) and loads more! Hopefully we’ve made some friends for life there and I can’t wait to catch up with the guys sooner rather than later.

We’ve come back very focussed on getting an early access build out in May that does the game credit. We’re also very excited to be going to Update Show in Manchester on April 12th! Please let us know if you are going to be there.

If you had a chance to play the game and have any thoughts, feedback or remarks please head over to:


Here’s a little video of some footage we took along the way:

**WARNING** Language and Content Not Suitable For Younger Viewers **WARNING**

**WARNING** Language and Content Not Suitable For Younger Viewers **WARNING**

Thanks guys,


Draw A Character

Hey Guys,

So at Rezzed we ran a draw a character competition where we put out a template and allowed people to design their own characters. We are going to pick our favourite ones and then Grant will concept them up and they will be put into the game. We had 80 entries at Rezzed which is awesome, but we’ve also been getting more now.

Here is twitter.com/xdreamssemblyx drawing their character “Doff Boffington”:

If you head over to:


You’ll be able to grab the template there.

Please e-mail your entry with your name, contact e-mail and the name of the character to comps@dlalastudios.com

We’d love to see pictures, videos and whatever else you come up with!



Prep, Packing, Press and Stand 28 – Hall 1

Hey Guys,

So we’re super stoked about the fact that we leave for Rezzed tomorrow. We’ve been busy fine tuning our pre-alpha-omega-sega-mega-kega build for you guys to play and feel we’ve got it to a nice point. Here’s a quick sneaky screenshot, you can see that it’s even changed since #screenshotsaturday:


We’ve also been busy prepping our merch:


We’ve had some help from the lovely Miss Harriet St Leger (@harriet_stleger). By help I mean she did all the rolling up and sorting of the shirts, I just taped and wrote the number on. Delegation bitches, delegation:


So our little goodies are ready for their trip to Rezzed:


We’re going to be giving away shirts as prizes and also selling them. Once they’re gone they are gone and we won’t be getting another run done of this design.

We hope you will come see us at Stand 28, Hall 1 at the NEC. We will be there all weekend and would love for you guys to come try the game and have a chat with us.

Any press that wish to book up time just drop me an e-mail: aj@dlalastudios.com.

Thanks guys,


Screenshot Saturday #1

Hey Guys,

So I finally gave in and did screenshot saturday. Below you will see our Character Select screen for Rezzed and then a shot of in-game. Now take into account I quickly took these as grabs from Unity and actually tried to use 3 control pads and a keyboard at once to show some sort of effects!

Character Select




And for those that are wondering, I thought I’d include a screengrab of what our game looked like around 2.5 weeks ago:

In-Game (2.5 Weeks Ago)



Hope you guys enjoy the screengrabs! Hope to see lots of you at Rezzed!



Overruled @ Update Show

Hey Guys,

Just a quick post to let you know that after Rezzed we’re also going to be showing Overruled at Update Show in Manchester on April 12th. We’re really excited to be a part of this great line-up!




TODO Lists

Hey Guys,

So we’re really starting to get through our TODO list for the Rezzed build:


Still a few things to do, but this will all be done (hopefully) by Friday when we lock down the build for Rezzed. It’s been an incredible experience having this deadline hanging over our heads. We’ve been motivated, stressed everything but luckily the guys haven’t had to crunch we’ve just been very tactical with our time.

Really looking forward to you guys getting your hands on the game next week and letting us know what you think. It’s one of the things we’re most looking forward to about Early Access too, actually building a game with people playing it.

Thanks guys,


Overruled – Dev Blog 1 – Meet The Team

This is our first dev blog for Overruled. Promise they won’t all be this long. Hope you guys enjoy meeting the full time team members!

**DISCLAIMER** – There is some content (audio) not suitable for young children and quite a few of us are in our PJs! – **DISCLAIMER**